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How to Transform Your Yard Into the Happiest, Healthiest, and Safest Place it Can Be

  • Telma Landhorian

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If you’ve been spending more time outdoors amid the COVID-19 lockdown, you could be bettering your health and well-being without realizing it. According to Business Insider, the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of spending time outdoors ranges from improved memory and relief from mental fatigue to other advantages such as lowered blood pressure and a stronger immune system. Unless you’re able to bike, walk, hike, or play non-contact sports, much of your time outdoors may consist of lounging on the patio or working in your yard. As such, having a great outdoor space is more vital now than ever.

If your yard could use an upgrade, the coronavirus lockdown is the perfect time to do it. For some tips on transforming your yard during the pandemic — and making your outdoor space a happier, healthier, and safer place to be during and after the COVID-19 lockdown — read on!

Create a Safe, Family-Friendly Yard Space

If you don’t feel safe and comfortable in your outdoor space, you’re probably not going to spend a lot of time in it. However, there are a few simple things you can do during quarantine to make your yard a safer place for you and your whole family. Whether you’re concerned about your own safety, have children, or plan on starting a family in the near future, a few ways to improve the safety of your home’s outdoor space include:

  • Child-proofing the yard by removing and storing away any sharp objects, tripping or choking hazards, power tools, woodpiles, and hazardous chemicals or fertilizers.
  • Covering or fencing off any backyard ponds or other areas that could fill with water.
  • Building and installing a fence around your yard or a specific play area.
  • Removing toxic plants from the yard, including foxglove, devil’s weed, and oleander.

Grow a Bird-Friendly Garden that Boosts Mental Health

According to ScienceDaily, birdwatching has been shown to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression while also contributing to better mental health overall. As such, growing a garden that attracts birds and enhances the look of your yard is not only great for your personal health and happiness but also for your local wildlife.

When growing a bird-friendly garden, it’s best to focus on adding plants that are native to your area, as this will help you to provide for birds all year long. In Illinois, for instance, several native plants include the Amelanchier laevis, Cornus alternifolia, and tilia Americana. The tilia Americana and Amelanchier laevis attract bird species such as cardinals and vireos, while the Cornus alternifolia attracts wrens, orioles, and woodpeckers.

Discover the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Gardener

While some businesses have closed because of the coronavirus lockdown, professional lawn care services are still deemed essential in many parts of the United States. As such, hiring professional lawn care services could be an excellent option if your budget allows for it and you’re looking for some suggestions on the things you can do to improve your yard’s safety, functionality, and appearance.

If landscaping services are permitted in your area, there are things you can do to keep you and your family safe from potentially harmful germs during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Communicate with your lawn care professional via cell phone whenever possible.
  • Talk to your gardener about the steps he or she is taking to ensure customer safety.
  • Paying electronically or using a credit card to pay over the phone.

By planting a bird-friendly garden, removing hazards from your lawn, and hiring a professional gardener to assist you in transforming your outdoor space, you’ll turn your yard into a happier and healthier place for the whole family. A beautiful lawn is worth investing in, as it’s something that will benefit you and your household for many years to come.